The Complete Investment Banking Course 2019 (U365) - Earn 9 CPD hours

The Complete Investment Banking Course 2019 (U365) - Earn 9 CPD hours

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The #1 Course to Land a Job in Investment Banking. IPOs, Bonds, M&A, Trading, LBOs, Valuation: Everything is included!


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Watch the introductory video below.

The Complete Investment Banking Course 2019 is the most hands-on, interactive and dynamic investment banking course you will find online.

+ 64 Pages of Course Notes

+ 12 Course Challenges  

+ 26 PDF Files  

+ 22 Quiz Questions  

+ 32 Excel files  

+ A complete Glossary with key terms and phrases  

+ Real-world examples and case studies  

+ Interesting facts about the industry  

+ 2 Valuation models built from scratch  

+ 5 hours of Full-HD video  

The course starts off by introducing you to the four main areas of investment banking – Capital Markets, Advisory, Trading and Brokerage, and Asset Management.

Then we continue by digging deeper into each line of business.  

You will learn the subtleties of Initial Public Offerings, Seasoned Equity Offerings, Private Placements, Bond Issuances, Loan Syndications, Securitizations, Mergers & Acquisitions, Restructurings, Trading Instruments, Asset Management Vehicles and more.  

Pretty much everything that can come up in an investment banking interview.  

However, the best part is that you will learn different valuation techniques like the ones used by Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley and J.P. Morgan. We will show you how to carry out a Discounted Cash Flow valuation, a multiples valuation, and a Leveraged buyout valuation. You will estimate a company’s cost of capital and future cash flows. Don’t worry if these sound unfamiliar right now; everything is shown in the course - step-by-step - with no steps skipped.  

This is a one-stop-shop, providing everything you need to land a job on Wall Street.  

Financial Professionals which include and not limited to financial advisors, wealth consultants, fund managers, CAs, CFAs etc


Who this course is for:

  • Aspiring investment bankers
  • People who are ambitious and are interested in earning a seven-figure salary
  • Anyone who wants to learn about investment banking and company valuation

CPD Points

  • Total verifiable CPD points on successful completion:  9.0
  • Approval number:  SAIFM252820005

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