Mastering the Six Traits of Executive You - Earn 3.5 CPD points.

Mastering the Six Traits of Executive You - Earn 3.5 CPD points.

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Mastering the Six Traits of Executive You (R399.00) - Earn 3.5 CPD points.. 


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Few financial professionals even consider the importance of building their executive presence and then they wonder why they don't have a seat or a voice at the executive boardroom table. In this series of 6 modules, you will learn how to elevate your own executive presence and achieve high levels of influence, leadership and make a strategic contribution inside your organization.

Included in the Course

Module 1 Confidence
Preview Confidence Module Overview (11:44)
Start Feeling Imposterism (7:38)
Start Feeling Powerful (1:58)
Start Power Posing (5:00)
Start Confidence Module Recap (1:53)

Module 2 Relationship Building
Preview Relationship Building Module Overview (2:09)
Start Emotional and Social Intelligence (3:54)
Start Managing Office Politics (7:05)
Start Making Fantastic First Impressions (10:57)
Start Becoming a Conversationalist (6:01)
Start Relationship Management (10:12)
Start Relationship Building Recap (2:59)
Start Relationship Building Module Slides

Module 3 Communication Skills
Preview Communication Skills Module Overview (1:23)
Start Principles of Persuassive Messages (5:55)
Start Building Rapport With Your Audience (6:03)
Start Storytelling (8:18)
Start Executive Writing Skills (13:07)
Start Executive Presentation Skills (11:02)
Start Communication Skills Module Recap (3:06)
Start Communication Skills Slides

Module 4 Resilience
Preview Resilience Module Overview (3:31)
Start Mindset (11:22)
Start Personal Philosophy & Goals (7:48)
Start Grit Factors (4:58)
Start Deliberate Practice (4:10)
Start Overcoming Adversity and Module Recap (4:21)

Module 5 Credible Leadership
Preview Credible Leadership Module Overview (2:09)
Start Manager Versus Leader (4:17)
Start Leadership Effect (7:58)
Start Visionary Leadership (4:03)
Start Credible Leadership (13:11)
Start Credible Leadership Module Recap (1:48)

Module 6 Personal Branding
Preview Personal Branding Module Overview (2:33)
Start Setting a Brand Goal (2:49)
Start Your Appearance (4:14)
Start Your Value Proposition (2:06)
Start Communicating Your Brand (5:07)
Start Personal Branding Module Recap (2:20)

CPD Points

  • Professional Skills & Abilities
  • Total CPD points on successful completion:  3.5
  • 60% pass rate with 3 attempts 
  • Approval number: FPI19070084

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Course Instructors: 

Blair Cook - CPA,CA CPA (Ill), MBA

Based in Canada, Blair is a many-time corporate director, CFO, educator, innovator, thought leader, presenter, and curiosity generalist. As an academic-practitioner, he’s a perpetual learner who observes and experiments with various financial and management theories in real world context. He shares stories of his successes, failures, and lessons learned to all those who share a passion for further developing their own financial leadership qualities. His focus is on defining and developing a career path for financial professionals aspiring to the Office of the CFO and the Board of Directors. Blair has worked extensively with CPA Canada in recent years to design, develop, and launch the professional certification program.

Jennifer Nicholson - CPA, CA

Based in Canada, Jen is a dynamic, versatile financial professional with over 20 years of leadership experience. Jen brings to the classroom a broad skill set and experience in all key facets of an organization including operations management, strategic planning, business development, finance, accounting, investor relations, human resources, and project management. Jen has a passion for making finance more attainable, whether its working to articulate strategy in a financial context or bringing clarity to financial communication. Jen’s career epitomizes the diverse experiences and roles that CPAs play in industry – from financial to operational leadership.