Traditional Funds - Flexible and General Equity - Earn 1 CPD hours - Intermediate

Traditional Funds - Flexible and General Equity - Earn 1 CPD hours - Intermediate

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Returning customers please note this content has not changed since the 2018-2019 CPD cycle, but is re-accredited for the 2019-2020 CPD cycle


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BLACK ONYX interviews award winning asset managers like Truffle Asset Management and industry stakeholders who share their knowledge and investment strategies.

This course covers:

Flexible Funds - As the name implies, a flexible fund is a pooled investment that has broad flexibility for investing in fixed income (bonds), equity, commodity and foreign exchange product markets. With access to a wider universe of investments, the fund can actively allocate investments according to market opportunities and conditions rather than specific investing requirements.

General Equity Funds - Also referred to as a Long-Only equity strategy, involves taking long positions in equities, that are expected to appreciate in value. This approach will not employ derivatives or gearing for hedging purposes (unlike an equity long / short fund) and is considered very mainstream. This is one of the more common retail products across the unit trusts.

Time to complete:   Around 1 hour

Total CPD points:    1

CPD reference:       FPI

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