FREE Basic Guide to Hedge Funds - Earn 2 CPD hours

FREE Basic Guide to Hedge Funds - Earn 2 CPD hours

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Basic Guide to Hedge Funds - Earn 2 CPD hours 


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In 2015 the FSCA  (then the FSB) approved the regulation 300+ hedge funds as collective investment schemes (CIS).

Many experienced investors are unaware of these mature, tried and tested investment strategies that have been delivering greater returns than most general equities and with significantly less risk than most balanced funds* for 18 years in South Africa.

This 2-hour read sheds light on hedge funds, the alternative investments that are not necessarily an asset class as much as they are a wealth of investment strategies operating together to generate equity-like returns while yielding considerably less downside risk than the equity markets. 

Chapters include:

  • Basic Introduction and history
  • Strategies and Themes
  • Macro-Economics and Volatility
  • Risks Associated with Hedge Funds
  • Picking the Right Manager 
CPD Points
  • Total CPD points on successful completion:  2
  • 60% pass rate with 3 attempts 
  • Approval number: FPI18030READING

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Course Instructor: Andrew Ludwig- Alternative Investments Consultant (BLACK ONYX).

Having worked with alternative investments since 2008, we established BLACK ONYX in 2015 as an alternatives consultancy to support asset managers, financial advisors and individual investors which has since evolved to become an advisory, distribution specialist and RegTech provider. 

As a distribution consultancy and alternative investment advisory, we partner with award-winning asset managers (traditional, passive, boutique & alternative), and generate high-quality video content for financial professionals (independent & institutional) and individual investors who wish to be better informed and remain digitally connected to the investable universe.

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BLACK ONYX is a registered Financial Services Provider (47701) regulated by the FSCA (formerly the FSB), supported by the FIA (Financial Intermediaries Association of South Africa) and a registered CPD service provider by the FPI (Financial Planning Institute of South Africa) and the IOBSA (Institute of Bankers).